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Leah Virgin, IBCLC, RN

Fee Structure

I am an advanced practice lactation consultant with many hours of continuing education from webinars, online conferences, workshops and books. I feel that quality care is important and a well-educated practitioner can make all the difference. Because of this desire to give the highest quality help and information, I am continually educating myself on the latest research, theory, techniques, and complimentary therapies. Rest assured that good help is just a phone call away. My fee structure is listed below, however, if you feel that the my fee is beyond your means please call anyway. I believe that every mother and baby deserve to have a good breastfeeding experience and will strive to help even those whose current finances may make payment difficult.


My superbill, given at the end of a consultation, contains the insurance codes used for reimbursement. These codes are widely accepted by insurance providers for obtaining reimbursement for lactation consultation services. My fees are very competitive and should fall within most insurance carriers reimbursement scale. In addition to an IBCLC, I am a registered nurse which is a requirement for a few insurance carriers such as TriCare in order for a consultation to be reimbursable. Although I can not guarantee reimbursement for the consultation, please know that I will work with you if you choose to call your insurance carrier ahead of our first consultation. Please call me for my insurance codes to verify reimbursement with the carrier.

The new health care laws dictate that insurance companies are supposed to reimburse for lactation consultations. But know that even if insurance did not reimburse you, you are investing in the health and nutrition of your baby. Formula alone can cost you upwards of $100 per week - that's $400 a month and $2,400 a year.

For those with HFSA accounts, you can use my superbill to get reimbursement after payment or use your card with my PayPal.

Some helpful links for more information about lactation reimbursement are:

Fees for Consultation

WIC discount available, please call for details.

Payment options are cash, check, or PayPal